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Coaching Tips to Navigate Transition and Change: The New Normal

Our collective world has been shaken into a new reality. The COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic has delivered a ‘once in a lifetime’ event and we, the people, are finding ourselves responding to something we have not prepared, studied for, nor have ever experienced. Not even our parents can give us guidance, advice, or offer sage wisdom, as this is new in their lives also.

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Listening to the Body: Radio Interview with Beyond 50

For Beyond 50’s “Natural Healing” talks, listen to an interview with Diane Dennis. She is both a Medical Intuitive, Nurse, and Life Transition Coach from Oregon. Her work involves teaching clients about how to listen to their body and the ways it relays messages to you that can be deciphered. Through the process of discovery, Dennis helps to identify stuck energy that shows up through pain and discomfort and disease – showing you how to resolve the issues related to it. Unhealed emotional wounds are at the root of most physical, mental, and emotional disturbances.

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Reclaim Your Health Power

How do we take our own personal power back? We had our power all along, we just did not know how to use it. Here are simple strategies to step into our personal power in a proactive way with our health. Don’t ignore your body until it breaks.

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