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Clearing the path to manifest your Miracle

Diane Dennis teaches how to access authenticity as we drop the social masks in isolation during the pandemic. From learning how to listen to your body to recognizing that all the voices in our head are not our own helps develop mastery over our reality and wellbeing. Diane offers tips for owning your truth, listening to your inner voice, and connecting the mind and body for coherence and integration.

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Mine the Wound for your Miracle

Diane teaches the principles of healing during COVID-19 to prepare you for stepping into your greatness and highest potential when the quarantine is lifted. This is the perfect time to do have your evolutionary leap. Transformation Coach Diane leads you through the steps.

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Coaching Tips to Navigate Transition and Change: The New Normal

Our collective world has been shaken into a new reality. The COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic has delivered a ‘once in a lifetime’ event and we, the people, are finding ourselves responding to something we have not prepared, studied for, nor have ever experienced. Not even our parents can give us guidance, advice, or offer sage wisdom, as this is new in their lives also.

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Listening to the Body: Radio Interview with Beyond 50

For Beyond 50’s “Natural Healing” talks, listen to an interview with Diane Dennis. She is both a Medical Intuitive, Nurse, and Life Transition Coach from Oregon. Her work involves teaching clients about how to listen to their body and the ways it relays messages to you that can be deciphered. Through the process of discovery, Dennis helps to identify stuck energy that shows up through pain and discomfort and disease – showing you how to resolve the issues related to it. Unhealed emotional wounds are at the root of most physical, mental, and emotional disturbances.

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Be The Butterfly

Instead of becoming angry about what we read, look at it from another viewpoint. One of compassion, love, detachment, and forgiveness. Meditating, reading affirmations, projecting love and protection for others around the world and right here in our community, causes the ‘Butterfly Effect’.

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History of Medicine

Our modern culture has rendered or bodies more sedentary, yet most of us let our unbridled feelings reign. This is a set up for our bodies to become ‘sitting ducks’ for the barrage of emotional bullets (and raging hormones) pinging through our system.

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Where Anger Takes Root in Your Body

We are seeing more assaults, mass shootings, political in-fighting, and road rages. Why? When humans face unprecedented change, it creates instability. Instability breeds fear. Fear is not an acceptable behavior to express in this American culture, so many react ‘trigger like’ in anger.

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