Don’t have enough money to pay bills? Don’t know where to turn? Many of us are ashamed, and try to hide the fact that our income and living expenses don’t match up. So, we work on a cover-up plan. ‘I will just put this on a credit card, for now’. Sound familiar? This strategy keeps our secret at bay, for a while. But all too often, credit card debt becomes the snowball that buries us up to our neck in debt.

Doesn’t it seem as though every time we think we have a few extra dollars, something happens, like we get a flat tire, our insurance rate spikes, or we receive an unexpected bill in the mail. It is human nature to suffer in silence, and that can be the worst thing to do, according to Jon Kuni and Laura Donaldson, attorneys with the law firm Kuni Donaldson LLP.

Tips from the lawyers who specialize in debt relief:

  1. Seek counsel when you are unable to pay your bills or have a debt you cannot pay
  2. Do not dip into your retirement funds, which are protected under Bankruptcy laws
  3. See an attorney to negotiate a payment plan or re-finance on your home, credit card, or medical bill debt
  4. Sit down for a complimentary consultation for sound advice in order to make a plan that will alleviate or pay back your debts and protect your assets.

Watch this in-depth interview with Laura Donaldson and Jon Kuni with Kuni Donaldson LLP, to learn your rights, strategies for debt relief, and ways to protect your assets.