By the time we need debt relief, we have most likely spent valuable time in denial, engaged in magical thinking , or praying that we will win the lottery. Then there are those mantras from Self Help books that are supposed to metaphysically manifest prosperity out of poverty, that we begin to frantically chant.

The attorneys at Kuni Donaldson LLP, Jon Kuni and Laura Donaldson give us a huge dose of reality in this no-nonsense, content rich interview so that consumers can learn their legal rights, know there are different options for debt relief, and there are protections in place for breathing room while recuperating from debilitating debt. Kuni Donaldson is a Portland, Oregon law firm and want audiences to know that bankruptcy and debt relief attorneys are on the side of the consumer to protect and direct towards making sound decisions.

The one most important lesson I learned from this interview is that debt relief is not a DIY project. Get a professional to help navigate the complicated journey back to sound financial health.