The loss of the loved one can cause everlasting grief. To provide comfort Sharon Bauer and Petra Nicoll give insights about the afterlife, helping people understand that death is a transition, and that loved ones not only remain in our hearts, but are also accessible for comfort and communication.

Sharon is a gifted medium and is able to translate messages from the departed that are personal and intimate words of confirmation, support and that love is indeed everlasting.

Sharon is the author of ‘Life Eternal, Love Immortal’. The stories in her book are a testament that loved ones, even after death, stay close to their loved ones to protect and communicate words of intimacy, and often give reminders of the love that was shared.

Petra Nicoll is the author of ‘Petra’s Ashes’ and ‘The Big Secret’ and through her writings teach from her own near death experience, that death is not the end, but a transition and beginning of expansion and connection.

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