When we get sick, we haul ourselves into a clinic for a fix. Medicine treats illness and disease. Mostly, until something is wrong, we have a hands-off approach to our healthcare. This is a perfect set up for the behavioral dynamic, ‘The Drama Triangle’. The Drama Triangle is comprised of behavioral roles we adopt in various circumstances. Components of the triangle are made up of three roles: victim, rescuer and persecutor.

This is how the Drama Triangle plays out– Your Doctor, the Rescuer (the good guy to save us in a white coat!), and the victim (us– afraid, concerned, clueless, ready to do whatever the rescuer advises). In this setup, we are in the powerless position. We relinquish our power to health practitioners, much like we do with our automobiles when we take them to the mechanic—we wait until it breaks. ‘Just fix the thing, I need it back, and working, fast!

So how could we show up differently? How do we take our own personal power back? We had our power all along, we just did not know how to use it.

Here are simple strategies to step into our personal power in a proactive way with our health. Don’t ignore your body until it breaks.

1. Learn your ‘body’s language’. Learn to listen to it’s messages. In fact, ask your body questions like: What do you need now? How can I help you feel better?  This is a profound relationship changer—creating intimacy and integration between mind and body. Most of us expect and demand our bodies to perform well. We give the body tasks like ‘power through the day at work’. If we are tired, we caffeinate instead of rest. We ignore aches and pains. Athletes often push their bodies to win a race, or a tennis match, often without regard to physical consequences. The foods we eat often operate as a panacea, used for distraction, pleasure, or for sedation instead of nutrition.

2. Movement – Pay attention to how you move. Use good body mechanics. This means bending with your knees, wearing proper shoes depending on the activity, lifting appropriate weight without over lifting. I found a great chiropractor who is also skilled in physical therapy. He teaches me which muscles to build for normal day-to-day movements, so that I don’t ‘wear out my ‘parts’. Oh, and move. Movement keeps the lymphatic system circulating, your cardiovascular system, muscular and skeletal system in better working condition with regular and often movement.

3. Hydrate – Your body needs more water than you probably drink in a day. Please drink 8 eight ounce glasses of alkaline and purified water. Headaches are often a result from dehydration. By the time a headache manifests, you are already dehydrated! Watch caffeine, salt, and sugar intake—these contribute to dehydration and cause your metabolic pH to become acidic. An alkaline metabolism is optimum to decrease inflammation and prevent disease.

4. Tap in and Tune in – Remember your dreams. I dreamed last night that I was picking red grapes off a vine. The dream gave me the message to use a supplement found in red grapes and red wine called Resveratrol. Resveratrol is part of a group of compounds called polyphenols. They’re thought to act like antioxidants, protecting the body against damage that can put you at higher risk for things like cancer and heart disease.

While we cannot control everything that will happen to us, we can become proactive about our health and step into the Creator role; which is the antidote to the victim role.

* I am a T.E.D.* Practitioner and Coach. Visit my site for more information, at www.MedicalIntuitiveCoaching.com