Thinking of a career move? If you want to get confused and conflicted, try googling it! Google will give you numerous pages of the top career choices, the top career opportunities, the jobs that pay over $50K a year, and the best degrees to go after. But, what you won’t find on a simple search, is that one thing that stirs passion deep within. We have all had jobs where we counted the minutes before the bell rang, or the end of our shift, loathing the people we worked with, the menial tasks, or the work environment. We definitely know, from past experiences, what we do not want.

But what we want is more elusive, and takes a completely different set of questions to ask oneself. The good news is that there is a book that can prompt you to ask the right questions, delve into the inner workings of your soul purpose, and offer strategies to find a career that not only rings your bell, but pays well and is a good choice for today’s job market.

Halimah Bellows, college instructor, career coach, and award winning author of ‘Champion Your Career-Winning in the World of Work’, has written this book to give the reader, job searcher, or recent high school graduate, a template for looking within to find that career that will be enjoyable, challenging, and bring home a good paycheck at the end of the day.

With rising college tuition, and cost of living, students and displaced workers cannot afford years of higher education without a solid plan. ‘Champion Your Career’ is a comprehensive manual for people of all ages looking to change their career. As the author explains, life is much too short to spend so much time at a job that is miserable when it is possible to be satisfied and prosperous. For more information visit