We are trained NOT to listen to the whisper of our body’s pain. Here are the reasons why.

A client of mine had pain under her rib area, left side-that seemed to come and go. It lasted a few weeks. It was annoying, bothersome, and worrisome. She made a doctor’s appointment and was examined. The doctor first did a palpation of the area, and asked questions. She was asked if she suffered an injury like falling, or anything obvious that could cause the pain. The doctor did not order an X-Ray. He did prescribe an analgesic (pain medication). She was then told to come back in a few weeks if the pain persists, gets worse, or if any other symptoms arise.

The pain persisted, she went to the doctor again and this time he ordered an X-Ray. However nothing showed up. That is our first initiation into the world of learning NOT to listen to our body. You have been reinforced to sit it out, and wait until the pain or discomfort is unbearable, so that the source of your pain can be proven, and treated.

What I see when someone comes to me with subtle pain is usually blocked energy. If I sense it is more than that, I will immediately tell them to go to their health practitioner. Sometimes the pain is from an emotional, spiritual, and/or physical woundedness. Probably it is a combination of two or more of these.

My client then called me, and I offered a coaching session. I saw some ‘congestion’ around the pancreas area. I asked her a few questions relating to her emotional state, and her eating habits. She said that she had been angry for a while about a personal matter. I asked what she did when she was angry. She said that to calm herself down, she would have something to eat. “I usually eat when I am mad. Unfortunately, it is not good food choices; I go more for comfort food,” she said, somewhat embarrassed. I asked her if the foods she chose were high in calorie, sugar, fat or starch. ‘Yes to all of the above’, she said laughing nervously.

When we are emotional, especially angry or afraid, cortisol is released in our body. Cortisol is inflammatory over time, and is effective for the ‘fight or flight’ scenario. But, when it is released often, and particularly when there is not a burn off of cortisol (like running from a bear), it builds up in our bodies. Added to that the inflammatory foods she was ingesting. So we have the perfect storm of inflammation from within and inflammation from habits adding to it. This would most likely, cause disease process eventually. Type 2 Diabetes would most likely be the illness that would manifest. It does not go unnoticed that there is an epidemic of Diabetes in our culture, along with an epidemic of fear and anxiety, and poor eating habits.

We discussed healthier ways of dealing with her anger, and I am happy to report that her pain subsided.

I love doctors! I have been a Registered Nurse for years. I go to my doctor regularly. Please continue seeing your health professional. With that said, there are some limitations, and frankly some really big issues that can happen if we all wait until the whisper of our body’s messages turn into a scream, and brings us to our knees.

Doctors are trained to treat a symptom, an organ, or a system. Doctors are not, mostly, trained to look at the mind, body, and spirit as a whole. Even though scientific evidence proves that these are all interrelated and interconnected. Candace Pert, the gifted scientist who wrote the book ‘The Molecules of Emotion’, proved in the laboratory that our thoughts turn to feelings, and the Body Responds to Your Feelings by sending out Hormonal Responses to the organs that relate directly to a feeling (like my client’s anger release of cortisol). These hormonal responses can build up and tax an organ, the whole body, or a system. This taxing will not show up on an X-Ray or MRI, or Lab test until disease has been developed, or physical damage has been done.

It is our challenge to train ourselves differently. Listen to the first faint whisper in your body. Ask your Medical Intuitive coach for a reading in order to interrupt the body from wearing down, or prevent a problem from exacerbating. Sometimes all we need is a tune-up. Maybe an acupuncture treatment, maybe a Naturopathic supplement, perhaps a chiropractor adjustment, attention to diet, breaking some bad habits, and, even a mental adjustment.

In the next blog I will cover the damaging effects of anger on other areas of the body. Please sign up for my blog. Here’s to your health! Love, Diane