If you answer yes to this headline, you are not alone. Over 600,000 people file Bankruptcy due to medical bills a year in the U.S.  While this number is staggering, the emotional devastation is more costly. Debt and money issues is one of the leading stressors, adversely and sometimes dangerously affecting ones health. The second cause of divorce is related to money issues. If you have insurmountable medical bills, changes are pretty good you have had or are having serious health problems. Add money problems on top of health problems, and well, this can be a set up for ruin.
However, as with all problems, there are solutions. Although it is easy to feel like a victim, a few steps in the right direction can assist you to take charge of your life, health, and relationships once again. Laura Donaldson and Jon Kuni, the lawyers at Kuni Davidson sat down with me to discuss options and help guide people through the deep fog of debt. Clarity comes with knowledge. Knowledge is power. Armed with clarity and knowledge, people are positioned to make choices that are proactive problem solvers.
For more information watch this video interview with Debt Relief Attorneys Kuni Donaldson LLP in Portland, Oregon.