Sometimes the clearest answer to a problem is a faint whisper. And, therein lies the difficulty. Listening to ones intuition is more an exercise in stillness than a problem to solve. Paul O’Brien, visionary entrepreneur, founder of, radio host of Pathway’s on KBOO, and author of ‘Great Decisions, Perfect Timing-Cultivating Intuitive Intelligence’ sat down with me to teach strategies for listening to that quiet inner voice, how to use intuition as a skill for making decisions, and learning how to develop visionary decision making skills.
On this episode of Inspired Conversations Paul draws a clear line in the confusing world of the noisy voices in our heads. For instance, how does one know whether the thought that just entered their noggin is an intuitive thought, or a message from the ego? Paul defines the line and teaches how to know the difference for clarity and for living a life with the highest of potential of success, happiness, and goodness for all.
Most of the luminaries interviewed on Inspired Conversations share a theme. The theme that intersects with the mission of Inspired Conversations is endeavoring to deliver messages that offer strategies for living your best life, stepping into your own greatness, and answering life’s most challenging questions.