“Beliefs are not sacred. We inherit core beliefs from our parents and church early on. You have the power to experiment with new ‘Visionary Beliefs’ ”, Paul O’Brien


Have you noticed that when you present someone with facts that contradict their beliefs, they hold even tighter to their ideals, even in the face of conflicting data? What is that about?

Petra Nicoll, author of ‘Petra’s Ashes’ and creator of the Seven Insights workshop discovered that until she changed her original paradigm and did her personal work from the inside-out, she was unable to make emotional and spiritual shifts. Petra believes that old wounds, buried deep carry beliefs that no longer serve us today, and until we unearth those old paradigms we will continue to be stuck. After having a near death experience, and subsequently losing key people in her life, Petra developed the Seven Insights to help others shift energy and step into freedom and greatness.

Paul O’Brien, author of ‘Great Decisions, Perfect Timing-Cultivating Intuitive Intelligence’ offers the suggestion that beliefs must be examined and changed for the purpose of personal growth and personal evolution. In his book, he shows us that outdated beliefs impair our lives today in careers, relationships, and financial decisions. “We are addicted to righteousness, which has set up a climate of black and white thinking, causing great divisions in our country today,” O’Brien says. “Beliefs are nothing more than our current provisional operating assumptions” he adds.

In a country that is dangerously divided, I bring these two interviews to the audience for the purpose of providing a blueprint for self- introspection and making quantum shifts in perceptions, beliefs, and behavior for the good of our culture, our society, and our families.

Beliefs are understandably a foundation of ones perception of self, and worldview. But is this a great illusion? One’s beliefs become hardwired in one’s mind, and people even ‘look’ for evidence to support the belief, regardless sometimes of the legitimacy of the source. Because of this we have a new kid on the journalistic block: Fake News. Cable “News” can be more adequately and accurately titled Cable “Opinions”.

Dangerously, people form opinions that become beliefs from watching theatrics wrapped in an illusory bow called news—all in an effort to justify ongoing protection and support for their beliefs. And, as O’Brien points out, beliefs turn to righteousness, and condemnation of anyone or anything that challenges that belief.

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