A long time ago a French philosopher named Rene Decartes made philosophical decisions that continue to permeate and influence our traditional western medical model and practices. Decartes, perhaps to strike a deal with the Church, or at least to stay in favor of, declared that the body functions purely by mechanical means, and works independently of the mind. The mind, spirituality, and religious beliefs were lumped together and designated to be the domain of the Church. This declaration set in motion the separation of mind (Church) and body (State).

But, alas, Decartes, Newton, and other earlier mathematicians, philosophers, and writers only knew what they knew, and only believed what they could quantitate.

Today we know so much more about how our bodies function, thanks in part to the great scientist Candace Pert, PhD, author of ‘The Molecules of Emotion’, proving that our thoughts turn to emotions that send physical hormonal responses to our cells (scientifically determining that there is a clear connection between mind, emotions and the body). This debunks the theory that the mind and body are separate non-communicating entities. Emotional feelings communicate to the body through emitting hormonal responses that actually match the feeling. For example, if you are afraid, adrenaline courses through your veins, landing in the muscles so that you can run from the thing you are afraid of.

Our modern culture has rendered or bodies more sedentary, yet most of us let our unbridled feelings reign. This is a set up for our bodies to become ‘sitting ducks’ for the barrage of emotional bullets (and raging hormones) pinging through our system. These hormonal responses bathe the cells, organs, and systems, setting the course for inflammation, congestion, toxicity, and eventually dis-ease. So, the power and control lever is within our own reach. In other words, once we discipline our mind and train our thoughts to be kinder to our bodies, our bodies will respond favorably.

Yet, traditional western medicine practices remain drenched in the earliest philosophers, and continue to separate the mind from the body. Even going so far as to treat each organ as an independent island. As we evolve mentally and intellectually, we begin to realize that there is more to life than we can see and measure. It behooves us to make sure we exercise our right to make good choices for our health, which includes managing our feelings, healing emotional wounds, eating healthy, and exercise regularly.

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