Have you had a near death experience? I have not. But I have witnessed and talked to people who have ‘died’ and come back. I have also met people who have had a N.D.E. in their past and I can tell you one thing for sure. Everyone I talk to has one common revelation that stays with them years after the ‘episode’. They realize, as Petra Nicoll, a woman who experienced a NDE at 9 years old says, “You experience the kind of love that you have never felt before. It makes you realize that love is the ultimate and highest level of human expression, and those of us who have felt this, crave it and want to have more of it.” Maybe that is why so many people who have traveled to the ‘other side’ and come back to tell about it, say that, in the moment of their metaphysical travel experience, they didn’t want to return to their bodies. That’s right. They want to ‘stay dead’, because they don’t believe, from what they report, that there is death. Or, death as we call it they say, is merely a transition to something better.

I don’t know about you, but that is difficult to comprehend. What could be so great when you don’t have a body to feel, smell, touch, or use the other human sensory experiences that give us so much pleasure? What about our loved ones, wouldn’t we miss them terribly? I of course, have more questions than answers since I have not experienced near death.

When I present these questions to those who have been there, they smile. It is kind of a knowing patient smile; the way our grandmothers used to smile, when we were struggling with grown up concepts, but not mature enough to grasp. My latest interview with Petra Nicoll, author of ‘Petra’s Ashes-A Transcendental Journey’, will shed some light on how a brush with death can enhance the human experience and expression. Perhaps this interview will assist in changing priorities, getting right with loved ones, and embracing this juicy journey we call life.