Eckhart Tolle, author of the bestselling book ‘A New Earth’ refers to trapped emotional experiences as the pain body. Tolle describes people with a dense pain body as being ‘heavy’, ‘burdened’, ‘depressed’, and detached from joy and even life.

What we know for sure is that old and unresolved emotional trauma and pain can cause physical disease as well as emotional blocks and relationship disturbances. The problem is that identifying the emotional pain that came from an old experience is not so easy. For example, a negative experience in early childhood becomes buried in the topography of our mind/body, even before one has language to describe it, or even the ability to create a story about the experience. If parents’ divorce when a child is two (a very disturbing experience), that child may very well grow up with anxiety in relationships, and not understand why. You hear adults say ‘I am unlucky in love’. What they are probably saying is that they don’t have successful relationships and have no idea why.

Think of buried emotional pain like a grain of sand in your eye. You cannot see it, but left untended can cause a corneal abrasion, lesion, or infection. The same goes for emotional pain. Any emotional pain is always accompanied by the body’s hormonal response, bathing every cell in hormones that directly correlate with the emotion. The build-up over time will cause damage. The blocked or invisible pain also comes with the brain’s inability to differentiate nuanced differences.

Let’s say we were traumatized by a snake. The snake scares us, we jump, and then run. The next time we walk through a grassy field, we see something and jump and run before we realize it is a stick. But our body reacted as it if were a snake. So the inflammatory stress hormone (adrenalin) bathes our cells every time something reminds us of the initial encounter with a snake. Same thing goes for relationship trauma, money trauma, or any emotional trauma around people, places, things or events. All of this goes on unconsciously, and until we identify the emotion and experiences tied to it, and identify where it is buried in the body, harm can be brewing.

As a medical intuitive coach, I am guided to the place and time of the trauma, and where it landed in the body to fester. Then I provide healing protocols. This healing creates freedom from the prison of suffering, freedom from a future where disease ‘mysteriously’ manifests, and freedom to live lighter with joy and hope.

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